Ancient Rome Surgical Instruments



The bone hooks Ancient doctors used came in two basic varieties: sharp, and blunt.  Both of these hooks are still used by modern surgeons for many of the same purposes ancient doctors used it for.  For instance, blunt hooks were primarily used as probes for dissection and for raising blood vessels. Sharp hooks, like those pictured in the accompanying image, were used to hold and lift small pieces of tissue so that they could be extracted and to retract the edges of wounds.



Ancient scalpels had almost the same form and function as their modern counterparts do today. The two long steel scalpels that make up the first and third columns of the accompanying image are examples of the most ordinary type of scalpel from antiquity. These long scalpels could be used to make a variety of incisions, but they seem to be particularly suited to making either deep or long cuts. The four bronze scalpels which make up columns two and four are generally referred to as “bellied scalpels.” This variety of scalpel was another favorite of physicians in antiquity since the shape of its handle allowed more delicate and precise cuts to be made.

-Juan Banda


One response to “Ancient Rome Surgical Instruments”

  1. ancientgroup2 says :

    This is a good comparison to how surgrey for people back then was and how it is now. i feel like they have it harder to perform an operation correctly and with technology and everything developing so much over time we should appreciate all the things we have left to use. good comparison from our scalpes to theirs.
    – wazhma jamil

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