Dance in ancient Egypt


A common verb used to describe dance in ancient Egypt was “ib3” since they didn’t feel a need to describe something so natural to them such as dancing. Dancing also had some sacred meaning behind it as well because of a god by the name of Bes. Bes was portrayed as a dwarf with the head of a lion who played the tambourine to get rid of evil spirits. 

-Eric Giang


3 responses to “Dance in ancient Egypt”

  1. historyg3 says :

    This actually sounds like some voodoo type of dance. Maybe that’s what it was since it is a way to get rid of evil spirits. -Arjay Vitug

  2. ancientgroup2 says :

    its a good thing to know that even back in ancient times people still loved to dance and its still something that we use today. very interesting.
    -wazhma jamil

  3. zzzgroup4 says :

    I really found your post on dance in anceint Egypt very interesting. It is very remarkable how dance became a big part of those in ancient Egypt. For many people today, dance is a enormous part of their lives. ~ Sabrina Cruz

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