Roman Weapons

Roman Weapons

The gladius, or Hispanic Sword as they called it, is the iconic short sword of the Roman army. It was adopted from the clans and tribes that lived in Spain. These tribes of Iberians, Celts and a large mixed group called Celtiberians, created hill forts and cities. Tribes of these three groups frequently warred with each other, developing an effective style of warfare but remaining politically divided. -Arjay Vitug


2 responses to “Roman Weapons”

  1. historyg3 says :

    Thats a nice looking sword. There must have been a lot of blood drawn from the warfare with these weapons on the field.
    -eric giang

  2. zzzgroup4 says :

    The sword and sheath, especially the sheath are very intricately designed/decorated. I find it interesting that those 3 groups decided to band together, but they would fight each other within their group.

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