Egyptian Food

The rich Ancient Romans enjoyed their. Expensive food was a big way of showing off your wealth to others. If a person hosted a dinner the event had to go well because that would depend on where your social standing would be be. Expensive food like roast peacock and ostriches would be provided but most importantly they would be expected by most guests. the different lifestyles they possessed  meant that they had different eating habits than our. for example breakfast would be taken in the masters bedroom and lunch would be served at 11 o’clock and hour early that what we are accustomed to. All in all roman food was not only used as a way of life but they were also a way of social standing.

Esperanza Burciaga



4 responses to “Egyptian Food”

  1. zzzgroup4 says :

    I knew that Ancient Romans would hold lavish parties that would show their wealth, but I am surprised at the meat they ate. I would never think to eat a peacock. One of my friends has peacocks as pets and I just saw the newly hatched ones… so eating one of them would never cross my mind!

  2. historyg3 says :

    Much hasn’t changed, today the wealthy still show their money throughout food. Whether its through fancy restaurants or their stomach.
    -Juan Banda

  3. zzzgroup4 says :

    I found your post on Egyptian food very interesting because I didn’t know that the reasoning for them having lavish parties was to show their wealth. Also, the fact that they would eat peacocks and ostriches was surprising. ~ Sabrina Cruz

  4. historygroup5 says :

    It seems to be very common is our history that people show off their wealth with food, clothing, and other items. Being high in the social class was very important in the ancient times so they engaged in flaunting their property and lifestyles. Today people could be very similar. I think its not as bad now in days because we don’t have kings and queens and for the most part people are all in the middle class.

    -Alyssa Littlefield

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