The Ancient SHower



When did showering begging? Well, since the Ancient Greeks were alive.  The Ancient Greek invented the shower, since they were using water pipes they started connecting pipes on top of the shower rooms making water drop down to the people’s head/body.  The Romans did not stay behind and followed the Greeks footsteps, establishing their famous bathhouses. After the fall of the Roman Empire, it seems showering was almost unheard.  In the early 19th century the English Regency Shower was anonymously invented, design almost like the modern showers, however they collected the water that was used and pumped back through the shower.

-Juan Banda


2 responses to “The Ancient SHower”

  1. historygroup5 says :

    This is very interesting. I would assume that the wealthy people were the ones who got to use showers. The articles we read in class for the group work stated that the wealthy would pour excess water in the streets and this showed that they were wealthy enough to not have to care about conserving water. I find all of this very interesting because it shows the difference in social classes, and the development in these ancient times.
    -Alyssa Littlefield

  2. zzzgroup4 says :

    I do not think I would want to take a shower in water that was re used! I agree with the comment above that the showers must have been used by the wealthy people in the town/area.

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